Mathematics of Black Hole Denialism

According to the Electric Universe folk at the Thunderbolts web site, black holes do not exist. According to the EU folk, black holes are not even consistent with Einstein's general theory of relativity.

As intellectual cover for their position, the EU folk cite a series of papers written by Stephen J Crothers that purport to provide mathematical proof of this claim:

Stephen J Crothers:

...expansion of the Universe and the Big Bang cosmology are inconsistent with General Relativity, as is easily demonstrated [24, 25].

In a thread I started at what is now the International Skeptics Forum (ISF), I analyzed the mathematical arguments put forth by Crothers and a few others, identifying some of the mathematical errors Crothers has made and constructing mathematical counter-examples to some of his arguments. That forum's software no longer renders LaTeX correctly, making the thread's equations unreadable. I have therefore translated my contributions to that thread into the HTML hosted here:

Near the end of that thread, another member of the forum explained why intelligent people cannot think rationally about certain topics.


Crothers has begun to send spam emails promoting his views and attacking his critics. He claims to "have dealt thoroughly" with their criticisms, but he is just repeating his mistakes while insisting his critics are wrong.


Here are some of the criticisms Crothers has been unable to answer:

RationalWiki's article on Mr Crothers summarizes his career and claims.

Last updated: 2 August 2015.

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