sol invictus:


So, Mr. Crothers is an all around tard then.

I suspect he's an intelligent person, at least in the narrow sense that he would score relatively highly on an IQ test. The problem is that some people get obsessed with certain topics to the point that they cannot think rationally about them, because the pain of being wrong about something they've invested so much time and effort in causes extreme cognitive dissonance.

It seems to be a common phenomenon, especially on the internet (which allows that natural tendency to grow unchecked, since there are few social consequences).

This is an HTML translation of something I wrote in March 2012 concerning the mathematics of black hole denialism at the online forum now known as the Internation Skeptics Forum. The original forum posts are still online, but that forum no longer renders equations (LaTeX) correctly. For this translation to HTML, I have replaced LaTeX by images and made a few small corrections and deletions. For context and an index, see my introduction to this material.

Last updated: 21 June 2015.

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