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ever the optimist, thomas suggested:
> To be fair to MO, he seems to be claiming to have an alternate
> theory of the crime...

There's no reason to keep you in suspense.  As reported previously in
this newsgroup, Bish's harpsichord part was "overdubbed to CP's guitar"
part.  In the private email that Matanya won't let me quote, he argued
that Bish's overdub plus ragged editing of CP's obviously composite
video footage is conclusive proof of an Intelligent Design by the green
people with six fingers who played the guitar on CP's early recordings,
thereby proving that Matanya was right all along, about everything.

My summary is substantially more coherent than Matanya's actual
correspondence, of course.  For example, I invented the green people
to bridge a rather large hole in Matanya's argument.

In "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", Eli Wallach gives practical
advice to the body of a man who had come gunning for him:  "Talk,
talk, talk!  Shoot first.  Then talk."

Matanya, of course, is holding his own gun to his own head.  Shoot
first, Matanya.  Then talk.