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Subject: Re: Christopher Parkening Video - "We Thank Thee, Lord, We Thank Thee"
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Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online -- Columbus (William D Clinger) wrote:

>I owe Matanya an apology!  He did not ignore the existence of
>this videotape, as I alleged in my previous message.  He did
>respond some five days later, on 21 March 1995, 07:12:10 PST.

>In that message, Matanya wrote:
>> very interesting. ANy chance of getting a copy of this video? I'd 
>> love to see this for myself. Not that I doubt your word, but if 
>> indeed true, I should really apologise to the guy, shouldn't I?
>I'd like to buy a video of that apology.  

I'll make you a deal: you get me a copy of the Parkening video, for
which I will pay all expenses, and I will send you, for free, a video
of my apology. Of course, there is no way I will apologize for having
drawn attention to the Born Again Christian propaganda on the Sacred
Music LP. That's a gross violation of at least 2 or 3 Commandments,
and an insult to many guitarists who do not share in CP's devotions.

>It is a whole lot
>harder to believe that Matanya could act like an honest man
>than to believe that Parkening could play what he recorded.

I sympathize with your difficulties. I also note that since you have
not attended a Parkening live concert in recent times, as I have 4
years ago in Charleston, you can only  answer the question of whether
Parkening can play, TODAY, what he recorded 20 years ago, by an act of
faith. I can answer it by this:

As I said to Sharon, I will to travel to any point to observe
Parkening, again, in a live concert, where he would perform the
Prelude from the violin partita. I will even put up with his homilies
to Jesus, who, after all, was born only 8 miles from where _I_ was
born, i.e., my next door neighbor. Would you?

Psst.... still enjoying this?

Matanya Ophee
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