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Sharon <> wrote:

>Further discussion is useless until and unless Mr. Orphee is
>willing to follow through on his promises and admit when he
>is wrong.  

Al right. Since your friend Mark Westling managed to drag this dead
horse back into the forefront, let me tell you this much:

There is not going to be an apology from me. Not now, not ever, Having
watched the video carefully, several times, I am now convinced more
than ever that I was right the first time. If you want me to post here
the reasons I am now so convinced, I will need from you a permission
to post here a transcript of the dialogue between Ms. Bish and CP just
prior to the performance of this Prelude, and post to my web site a
copy of the video segment in question so people can see for them
selves, frame by frame, what this is. And I would suggest you
interrogate your boss carefully on how this video was produced, before
you even consider going in that direction.

For the record, CP plays this piece on the video with a capo on the
first fret, the guitar part sounds in F major, and the timing is 3:54.

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