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"William D Clinger" <> wrote:

>Matanya Ophee, a publisher of so-called "classical" music,
>is making a stink while pointing to the name of a different
>marketing category:
>> I am not changing the subject. You are. When you tell me about any
>> guitarist who play Celtic tunes on the guitar without arranging them
>> first for the guitar,
>You denied the existence of Celtic tunes, which is ludicrous.
>If you misspoke, and meant only to say that Celtic melodies,
>like all others, are normally subjected to arrangement when
>played on the guitar, I wouldn't be laughing at you.

Since you are obviously incapable of understanding what I said, in the
context of which I said it, then let me rephrase this in a dumbed down
version, so even you could understand it:

In the context of the discussion about David Russel's arrangements
supposed inauthenticity as compared to arrangements of the same tunes
by other arrangers, no one, bar none, is actually performing
unarranged Celtic tunes. Consequently, in the context of the present
discussion, Celtic tunes, as a descriptive term for a particular
musical performance genre, are a non-existent red herring. All there
is are _arrangements_ of tunes that can be traced back to Ireland and
Scotland (never to Brittany AFAIK...). Some arrangements are better
than others, and each have their flock of adherents. But for any group
to claim that they, and only they, represent authentic Celtic music,
is about on the same level of PR BS we have discussed elsewhere...

>Giggle.  Sorry, I just remembered your "consciously excludes
>the...Welsh and Bretons" blunder.  And a whole lot of other
>honest mistakes, come to think of it.  Which reminds me, have
>you made any progress on that videotaped apology you owe me?

Whatever makes you think I owe you anything? I already told many
times: I was right all along and your picayune niggling repetitions of
the same mantra over these many years only indicate that you do not
understand the basic issue under discussion then. Perhaps you ought to
review my initial post on that subject:

And if you wish to re-argue the case, for the thousand's time, I
suggest you find other people to commiserate with. I am sure there are
some lurkers here who would gladly oblige you.

>> Your Celtic crap is a recent usurpation of the musical heritage of
>> proud peoples, and the traditions it espouses are not any older than
>> the last 20-30 years. IOW, PR BS.
>They are proud of their tunes, many of which go back hundreds
>of years.  Only an ignorant philistine would deny that long
>tradition, and the very existence of those tunes.

No one denies that the tunes go back hundreds of years. What I deny,
categorically, and I dare you to prove me wrong, is that long
tradition existed uninterrupted from the time O'Carolan's book was
published until today. Where there any Celtic bands in the 18th
century playing bouzouki, or guitar?

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