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Subject: Re: Matanya Ophee et al
Date: 1999/03/08
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In article <01be6906$2a2d88a0$61e09ed0@default>,
  "MG" <> wrote:

> sincere AND
> cantankerous person is typically judgemental.  In Matanya's case, this
> assessment is an understatement, for he is one of the most viciously (and
> unfairly) judgemental
> people here.

Since I am the subject of this new thread, allow me to comment. Of course I
am judgemental whenever I say anything at all. We all are, or we wouldn't
bother to post. Even the cloying sycophancy of Segovia we have been, once
again, subjected to here, is judgemental. There is nothing wrong in making
judgements, whatever they are. But to my mind, it is very wrong and very
destructive to the health of our discipline to express ideas which are
patently false and to dispense information that have been demonstrated years
ago to be the product of hype and propaganda masquerading as historical
truth. What is really vicious and evil is to feed the younger generation with
half-truths and mythologies. I cannot, and will not, kowtow to bullshit
artists. I never quarrel with anybody's opinions. I may disagree with you,
but if you like something I don't or vice-versa, I may tell you about it, but
I will not question your facts. But when these opinions are passed on as
established fact, without so much as corroboration and at least a balanced
view of the literature of our instrument, you can be sure to hear from me.

It is not my role to be a historical truth policeman. There were a few
threads in recent weeks, the Carcassi method and studies for example, on
which I could have said a thing or two and did not. I will now. Bob Ashley is
entitled to his dislike of Carcassi. His tastes and prejudices are none of my
business. He is not entitled to ridicule Carcassi, until such time that he
has played through the _entire_ output of the man. The Method is Op. 59, the
studies is op. 60. Let's talk again about Matteo Carcassi _after_ you have
had a chance to read through Op. 1 through 58. 'Nuff said.

But this is not a question of a self-appointed role. It is simply that when
an innocent like Maxine Ohayon comes on and lectures us as if we were a bunch
of Los Angeles fifth-graders and tells us "not to forget" that the First
Guitar Concerto of the 20th century was the one commissioned by Segovia from
Castelenuovo-Tedesco, I take it as a personal slight. Any message posted on
this NG and arriving in my computer is a direct message to me personally.
When it contains information that I proved to have been wrong and a patent
lie already 15 years ago, I am insulted. Personally. And I react. Viciously,
sometimes. Unfairly NEVER. Before you accuse me of unfair judgements, you
will have to supply documented proof that I was wrong. If my vicious
judgement is based on solid documentation, then deedums, I am sorry your
feelings were hurt. Next time, watch your language when you so much as deign
to pass opinion as fact.

Matanya Ophee
Editions Orphée, Inc.
1240 Clubview Blvd. N.
Columbus, OH 43235-1226

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