At, several of the most acclaimed experts have offered these unsolicited tributes:

Your rendition of my 1st Cello suite leaves something to be desired. I would be most grateful if you would remove it from the World Wide Web.
***mmmfff*** ***GGRROOAANN***

--- Johann Sebastian Bach, 7 November 2005

...your knowledge of the repertoire and of music in general is rather rudimentary. Consider this as a compliment.

--- Matanya Ophee, 12 March 2003

Let me wish you a long and happy life full of mirth and laughing at me. Who am I to stand in the way of the little joys little people derive from their own self-inflicted delusions of importance?

--- Matanya Ophee, 31 May 2003

Will, actually, knows less than nothing about the guitar...

--- Kent Murdick, 12 May 2005

Will's problem is that he can't hear---he's had no training.... The other problem with Will is that he can't talk about music.

--- Kent Murdick, 3 August 2005

The only thing you really lack, Will, is curiousity.

--- Kent Murdick, 22 January 2006

He has a technique that is similar to a chicken clawing at the strings with it's talons. I say this with all due respect to him and hope he doesn't take it personally.

--- TroyIII, 20 June 2005

Last updated 22 January 2006