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Low-resolution Home Video (Quicktime)

For Christmas 2006, my son Jed's grandparents gave him a small digital camera that can record short segments of video. His first video recording (13 MB) shows me trying to play part of the first movement of Amaethon and Arawn, which he had never heard me play. I had no idea he was recording this.

The Ash Grove Carolan's Concerto Planxty George Brabazon, second air

That first video was shot at 320x240 pixels and 15 fps, but the camera can also record at 640x480 and 30 fps. To try out the higher resolution, we recorded the opening measures (21 MB) of Turlough O'Carolan's Mrs Power (also known as Carolan's Concerto) as arranged by John Renbourn.

Finally we recorded Jed playing (21 MB) another Carolan planxty: George Brabazon, second air. (The inept cameraman failed to notice his tripod's reflection in the guitar's gloss finish.)

Copyright 2006 Jed and William D Clinger.

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